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Girls Lacrosse FAQs

  • What if I’ve never played lacrosse?
    We couldn’t be happier! Growing the sport of lacrosse is one of the main goals of our girls’ lacrosse program. We always encourage any kid to come try the sport. Every year, at every level, there is a first time lacrosse player. Many of our coaches are parents, too, and are happy to work with first time players. Sometimes new players participate in drills with the team and sometimes they work one-on-one with a coach. Most important, we want them to have fun.

  • How do I register for a program?
    Go to the Registration page for a list of current programs and register for the desired program.  Please note that all participants (and their parents) are required to sign a Waiver before their player’s first time on the field.  Copies of these documents are also available on the website and during the registration process.

  • What are the registration and payment deadlines for LRL Club practices?   Returning girls should be registered at least three weeks prior to the first practice; after that time, we reserve the right to cap practice rosters due to field space, coaching availability, or other limitations, and we may also charge a late registration fee.  Advance registration allows sufficient time for our Steering Committee to make final decisions about field space rental, assign coaches, and create player groups.   Payment for basic registration (practices only) is due at the time of registration via the website, or you can provide a check within 1 week of your online registration. 

  • When are the registration and payment deadlines for tournaments?
    Tournaments for each season will be posted at the time of registration. Tournament registrations must be finalized no later than three weeks prior to the first practice; after that deadline has passed, the coaches may (in their discretion) allow late roster additions for tournaments if there is space or if it is otherwise in the best interest of the program.  Late roster additions are considered in light of what is best for the entire team and may not be “first come first serve.”  Payment for all tournaments is due prior to the first practice of the season, unless a payment plan has been approved by our Treasurer.

We will be capping rosters based on tournament format. If you register for a tournament after the cap is met, you will be placed on a waiting list.

  • What is a lacrosse tournament?

Girls lacrosse tournaments that LRL attends are typically a one day event, usually within a 90 minute driving range from Ithaca.  Typically, the girls play three or four games, depending on the format.  These games often have a break in between but can be back to back.  Some tournaments have round robin play leading to a championship and others do not, it depends on the tournament.  Tournaments are lots of fun and offer the girls a chance to use the skills they have been working on during practices. 

  • Why is it so important to sign up in advance for tournaments?
    Tournaments need to be signed up and paid for months in advance.  Our coaches need to be able to plan for positions and lines and to know that we have enough girls to field a team.  The sooner we know who will be attending the more prepared we will be.

  • What if my plans change and my daughter cannot attend a tournament we committed to?
    Signing up for a tournament is a commitment, and we are counting on your daughter to attend.  Last minute drop outs can cause the entire team to not be able to play.  If we withdraw a team from a tournament it is even possible that we may not be allowed back to that tournament in the future.

  • How is the money from the registration fees used?
    Registration fees are used to cover the general operating expenses of the program; they may or may not include tournament fees (this will depend on the specific program for which you are registering).  Registration fees are also used to cover field rental expense, goals/nets/other equipment, web fees, and fees we are required to pay to third-parties (for instance, league fees).  Most of our coaches are volunteers who are not compensated, though we may occasionally engage a paid coordinator or a paid skills coach, and registration fees may be used to offset these expenses, too. 

  • What about "rain-outs" or cancelations?
    Lacrosse is an all-weather sport. Lightning will stop play! It is important to understand that the sound of thunder or the sight of lightning puts an automatic stop to practice or a game. Each time lighting is seen or thunder is heard, coaches must wait another 30 minutes before a game or practice may restart! Lacrosse is traditionally played under fairly poor conditions including rain, cold, snow, and wind so be prepared. Heat index is another important weather concern. Coaches will be notified if the heat index is too high or fields are unplayable due to the weather. Safety is extremely important when it comes to our players. If the weather is questionable, we will try to cancel at least one hour before practice.

  • Can I drop my child off at practice and return when practice is over?
    Parents are encouraged to remain on-site during practice, in the event of inclement weather or injury to their child.  If you choose to leave your child at practice, you do so at your own discretion and risk.  Please understand that our coaches and coordinators are generally volunteers, and they are not responsible for providing childcare; if your child leaves the field for any reason (with or without coach’s permission), she will not be supervised.  If the weather changes during practice, please return to the practice site immediately to pick up your child (or make arrangements with another parent who remains on-site).  Please ensure you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled end of practice, to ensure that your child is not left unattended as practice ends and coaches leave the practice site.

  • Can my child "play-up" a level?
    Our girls lacrosse program encourages children to play at their proper grade level. All children should register for the team which corresponds to their grade level.  Some children mature faster and others just pick up the required skills quicker. This is most evident at the Grade 1/2 level where passing and catching often elude the majority of the players. Parents of a player who has mastered these fundamental skills can often feel frustrated. More often than not, the child who is the superstar at 8 years old is not the best player at 12 years old. As players progress and move up subsequent levels, their size, speed, and intensity increase. There is a significant difference in the skills of the players from 1/2 to 3/4 but the largest leap comes when moving to 7/8. That said, coaches may occasionally invite younger players to “play up”, when there is the need for more players on another team, and the younger player is skilled enough to play with the older teams. There is no guarantee that advanced players will be invited to play up. Coaches’ determinations are final.

  • What is the Refund Policy?
    For our Fall and Spring seasons, a full refund for both the season and tournament fees will be given to any participant requesting a refund within the first two weeks of practice if your player has not attended any practice. For short-durations special sessions – such as a winter session or a clinic series – there typically will not be any refunds offered after registration, due to the increased expenses associated with these special sessions. The only exception to this refund policy will be a long-term illness or injury which causes the player to miss at least 4 weeks of practice/tournaments; in such event, a doctor’s note may be requested and the Steering Committee may provide a pro-rata refund for the balance of the season.

  • When does the youth season begin and how long does it last?
    Please check the program calendar or the team pages to see specific start/end dates.

  • What equipment do I need?
    A water bottle, girl’s lacrosse stick, goggles and mouth guard are required. Cleats are strongly encouraged. Helmets (“head gear”) are optional and may be worn at the player’s discretion.  Basic youth equipment can be purchased new for around $75. If you are unable to purchase this equipment, please indicate on your registration form. The club may be able to loan equipment on a short-term basis (but we do not loan helmets, other than for goalies).  Please have girls take jewelry, including earrings, off prior to practices and games.

  • Do you offer scholarships?
    Absolutely! Our girls’ lacrosse program is committed to making lacrosse affordable for anyone who wants to play. We offer scholarships for registration fees and tournament fees. During the registration process you can request a scholarship. If you have any questions please connect with us through the email addresses provided on the website.

  • What happens if I can't make it to practice?
    It's understandable that you may miss a practice or two due to school commitments or family emergencies. Our coaches plan "progressive" lessons and it's important that you keep up with your teammates by attending the practices. Our season is very short and every practice matters. Players who miss multiple practices may not be ready for tournaments and games, or may receive less playing time, at the coach’s discretion.

  • What if I have a question or a concern?
    You should contact your coach for answers to your questions or concerns but we ask that you are sensitive to the coach's schedule. Because many of our coaches will be arriving to practice just in time to set-up, they may not have the time for a discussion prior to practice. During the practice, the coach will be focused on the players and should not be interrupted unless you have an emergency. The same holds true on game days. The best time to speak to your coach may be immediately following practice. If you have a question requiring more than a quick response, ask your coach for the best time to contact him or her. At no time is it appropriate to discuss concerns relative to another player, coach, official or parent in front of anyone else! We are striving to create a positive environment and expect your help.

  • When will I get my uniform?
    Uniforms are purchased by each player. Order forms will be available at the beginning of the Spring/Summer season. The uniform will be used for Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. 

  • What’s the difference between the LRL club program and IYB?

Little Red Lacrosse (LRL) Club Girls Lacrosse Program (late spring – fall):   Our club lacrosse program began in 2010 with the aim to continue to develop the girls’ lacrosse program in Ithaca. The club welcomes any girl in 3rd grade - 6th grade to join, and we typically field teams at the 3/4 and 5/6 levels. This program is for girls who are interested in competitive, tournament-level lacrosse, and involves the most commitment for travel with tournaments throughout the Spring, Summer and into the Fall. Please note, this is not run through the IYB.  More information about our girls’ club lacrosse program is available on the team pages of this website. 

IYB Girls Lacrosse Program (late Spring): The IYB program targets girls who are NEW to lacrosse in Grades K-6. The goals are to introduce the basic skills of the game, including catching, throwing, ground balls and cradling.  Please visit the Ithaca Youth Bureau website for more information about this program. We encourage all new players as well as players with little to no competitive experience to register for this program.